Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Amra Kojon makes dreams come true

Taposhda and I were on the phone, talking about the performer list for April 22 show, about rehearsal schedules and about how to coordinate rides to and from Boston and Providence. The conversation casually steered towards our anticipation surrounding our London sponsors’ decisions upon the budget review. With that thought in the background, we again returned to our discussion of the April 22 show – thinking out loud almost in unison that having Sohini Alam join us from London would be such a great fulfilling experience – not only for the members of Amra Kojon who all miss her spirit and verve so dearly ever since she left us for London, but also for the quality of the show. After all, how can the statement “Amra Kojon presents 15 – 20 of their best performers from the area” be true without our dear Sohini?

In a moment of inspiration, we just threw around the idea – why can’t we all just chip in and help her with the trip to Boston? There’s enough of us around so that the contribution wouldn’t be a pressure on any one person. Immediately Nitadi volunteered her $100 contribution, and Taposhda put down Sujan bhai for another $50-100 – confident enough in his spirit not to have to really consult with him. I joined in with a $50 pledge, and Taposhda and I hung up, excited to get the news to Sohini.

I was on the phone with another friend for 10minutes after that. When I came back, my inbox had been filled – a lot of the Amra Kojon family members had jumped in with their contributions – Auditi, Tuhin, Pusha, $25, $50, whatever they can spare. All of us are students or young professionals with limited budgets – yet put in perspective, there’s really not a price you can put on the fun you can have with your close friends!

What’s the point of this entry? Not much. I had had a long day, and had been ready to collapse in a heap of exhaustion past midnight, having worked almost around the clock for hours on end. Yet I felt oddly energized. Excited. Rejuvenated. The speed with which our friends had jumped onto board to make something happen, the spirit of sharing, of trying to make the impractical happen – that’s what makes dreams come true. And Amra Kojon makes dreams come true: through its people. That’s our unique strength. The gift of friendship.


on behalf of Amra Kojon


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