Tuesday, July 03, 2007

From Tall Ships, RI organizers

AK team: I am usually not at a loss for words and this time the challenge is for me to limit myself to a few heart-felt remarks instead of the pages I could write.

For me the performance by your group, Amra Kojon, embodied the best elements of what the Tall ships festival is all about: learning about the cultures and people who are represented through the visit of ships and their cadets, celebrating life and each other's contributions, and drawing closer together through the medium of dance, song and music. Your group had it all and expressed it with joy and passion!

Betty and I thank you profoundly and so do all those lucky enough to have experienced your performances at Tall Ships Rhode Island 2007.

I certainly plan to stay in touch with you and look forward to seeing you and Amra Kojon again.

Thanks for sending the wonderful photos. We will select some to keep the memories alive.

Elaine Williams, Co-chairman of Tall Ships entertainment with Betty Czech


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