Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Amra Kojon: The unbreakable bond we treasure

It was a warm summer evening when I drove up to my brother’s place for dinner upon my bhabi’s request to meet some of their friends. There they were, Taposh Da, Mamun Bhai, Harmonium, Tabla, Gaan, a truly breathtaking performance, a wonderful friendship, all tied together in one. I casually sat down to listen but was caught completely speechless. At the end of the evening, I was even given a gift by this dynamic duo! It was a cassette with songs for a show to be held in Feb 2003. I refused, after all, I just met them, how could I accept it? They would not take no for an answer. I was hesitant, yet eager to grab the opportunity, after all, this was a very unique approach to a show unlike any other I had experienced, and that itself in my book was my first encounter to set Amra Kojon apart from all others.

When Taposh Da asked, I casually agreed to become an organizer assuming with group politics and as a new recruit, I would be at the bottom of the list. I enjoyed peforming and loved organizing, so I didn’t want to brush off the idea completely. The first rehearsal was simply overwhelming! I was amazed to see the number of eager performers that turned up. Having no idea how I was going to fit into an already close nit group of friends, I was intimidated, wondering should I back out? That was just the first 5 minutes of the rehearsal. Greeted with warm hugs and big smiles from everyone, I was not even given a chance to have a second thought. Since then, I never had the need to look back or feel like an outsider. The newly made group of friends that I referred to as “them”, quickly became “us”. Amra Kojon was mine just as much as it was everyone else’s. Amra Kojon became very much a part my daily life, as I looked forward to spending each weekend with my new friends; not one, not two, but one hundred of them! The professionalism, discipline, rigor, yet fun and casual rehearsals became an integral part of my weekends. Days and months went by and there came Feb 9th, 2003! With sold out tickets and long lines of people still waiting to get in, gave us a sense of accomplishment like none other. Over 1100 seats were filled? For us? At the end of the show there was not a single soul that did not shed tears of joy. All the hard work had paid off. The evening ended with hugs, tears, laughter and a sense of fulfillment.

That was then, this is now…Amra Kojon, harboring all its energy is ready to come back with full force, better and stronger, to embark on its new journey, the World Tour, starting with the London trip. As we look forward to our new adventure, I always look back at the old memories that I cherish so dearly, cannot help but wonder where I was, and how far I have come through a true learning experience and a journey like none other. As a team, we support each other, sharing each others‘ sorrows and laughter. I find myself rushing to the computer every morning as I look forward to everyday‘s e-mails, forwards, updates, and news from London. Each day holds new hopes and challenges, filled with anticipation, excitement, endless possibilities and an unexplainable drive to conquer it all. We take pride in our prompt action to rise up to all obstacles as we strive for perfection, yet learn from mistakes. What defines us? We are not just friends, we are a family. My biggest pride? The group of talended individuals that I am honored to associate with every day. Its not just the gesture of that first cassette that sets it apart anymore, its many more of these small encounters that create the unbreakable bond we have today. As I stumble through the chaos of every day life, Amra Kojon brings a breath of fresh air; it adds color to my life and makes each day that much brighter.

- Pusha Karim
on behalf of Amra Kojon


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