Monday, March 27, 2006

Worldwide 'energy crisis' and Amra Kojon

“Amra Kojon” is an explosion – an explosion of passion, nostalgia, harmony, and youthfulness. It is like the “big bang”, with which a universe is re-created, in the image and in the spirit of a universe that lives in our hearts and that exists thousands of miles away. Being a part of this creation was an extraordinary experience. Thinking back, it’s hard to believe how this enormous task was done with such perfection! We had the ideal leadership; the right mixes of personalities (hard to find it in a group of 100 individuals!), and a sense of belongingness and ownership that liberated the spirits. Music was the vehicle. What can be a better way to embrace our deepest longing for the culture and milieu that we lived and breathed in our tender years!

“Amra Kojon” is a platform from where I could connect with my friends who are at arm’s length, and, more importantly, with friends living in a universe half the world across, with whom I shared my dreams, of changing the world, of wiping out all distress, and of cheery stories, of a world full of optimism. They say people turn more cynical as they age – this is not the case with Amra Kojon. It’s lead by such upbeat energy that it only progresses in fervor with the passage of time. It is like a cyclone, except that it doesn’t destroy, it builds, and it elates anyone who comes into contact with it. It’s not a group, nor an organization or association; it’s a concept, a way of life. It’s a tribute to our loved ones scattered all over the world, and to our origins, proclaiming that we haven’t forgotten, we don’t forget, and we draw our energy from what they have given us – it is their spirit that we uphold…

- Mahrukh Mohiuddin (Nadia)
on behalf of Amra Kojon


At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Naina said...

Nadia, that's a beautiful and exceptionally accurate picture of what Amra Kojon is about!

The global energy crisis - its not only about combustible fuels that power our cars, light our homes, or keep us warm or cool as required.

The global energy crisis is also the disillusionment and the feeling of helplessness faced by the youth and the leaders, innovators and policy makers of tomorrow, at the pervasive blight of strife and hardship.

Amra Kojon somehow lets us draw energy from one another and synergistically enhance each of our potential and capabilities. It's magic. really.


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