Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How am I feeling - II

This is part of our email exchanges from April 21, before the show, from Abhijeet:

These songs like shaat bhai champa...are not only in my head all the time, but they almost got me killed last Saturday morning.

so, we have all had neighbors who play loud music the night before you have an exam, interview or something very important the next day...and practicing with all the musicians and performers in AK family (whom Tapushda calls amateurs for some reason, I still cant figure out why...) is not easier than writing any exam.

so anyways, this black guy (african american guy) lives in the apartment below mine, who is always playing loud music until I start jumping in my apartment like a mad man dancing to Koi Kahe Kahta Rahe song...

to make long story short, I am half asleep at 9 on saturday morning only after sleeping at 5 (after 8 hours of practice all friday night) and I knock on this guys door, cursing like anything and at the same time wondering that this guy playing shaat bhai champaa doesnt sound right.....and the guy walks out and beats the shit out of me saying why the $%@# did you wake me up at 9 on a Saturday morning...of course he wasnt playing any music and all this was only in my head...

and BTW, for you people who wrote stuff in Bangla in this email exchange, SAME TO YOU!

see you all tomorrow. get some sleep people.

- Abhijeet Bhutra,
on behalf of Amra Kojon


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