Thursday, April 20, 2006

sharing an email

Sometimes I feel that a glimpse into our email inboxes is the only real way to get to know the emotion, sacrifices and the strong bond of friendship that keeps Amra Kojon together. From time to time, I'm going to use the blog here to share an email or two precisely for that purpose - to show you guys what AK really means to those who work with the team.

Here is a short email that Mahdi bhai sent to Taposhda this morning.

on behalf of Amra Kojon

"yes, Boss. I have done so far 11 T shirts, I/2 Back screen, 1/2 both
boards, haven't start with orange sari, I will finish back screen and board
tonight and yes we will be able to finish our Back screen at Morse school
tomorrow by the evening. Tshirt and Sari will be finished by Friday
midnight. after long time feeling like working for "UTTORON" was
my AmraKojon at BM College. Some tears on my
Thanks Taposh Da letting me do this work. It has been long time I haven't
touched "Tuli & Rong"...........Now I remember Badol Bhai ( My Guru) ,
Partho Da ( My Light house), Roton( half of me), Udichee. Im crying Taposh
Da...............Thanks. After 10 years you made me cry."


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