Thursday, May 11, 2006

Take 2

After finishing (and re-finishing) the DVD for the MIT concert in 2003, I eagerly awaited my turn to shoot video for Amra Kojon. I assumed that first chance would be London, but thankfully a preliminary concert would appear in Cambridge before the drastic leap overseas.

Upon early arrival at the Morse School, I felt simultaneously excited and at ease with the environment created for the show. Immediately I knew it was going to work! It had to. So much care and attention to detail must be rewarded with success.

One show and a few weeks later, I sit with the footage I shot and marvel at the talent displayed that night. Amra Kojon has found an amazing collection of talents. The future will only reaffirm this feeling.

- Chip VanDyke,
on behalf of Amra Kojon


At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Naina said...

Everyone who's seen the AK 2003 DVD is already familiar with what a talented videographer we have on board as a volunteer on our team. What people might not know is just how efficient and prompt he is to our various requests, some of which are made at the very last moment when a spark of brilliance hits one of the planning members! What you guys don't know is just how energetic, professional and fun our technical consultants are to work with! Thanks Chip, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Nuzhat Karim, Himi said...

I wasn't in Boston when the 2003 show was done. Since I moved, and became a member of AK and experienced the 2003 show through the DVD, I kept wishing to be a part of something so magnificent.
Great job with the 2003 DVD, Chip! Watching it now is just making me long to watch the New Year show in Cambridge. I am confident that this one will be as good, if not better :) We are really lucky to have your support.


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