Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dare to Dream!

I am writing two weeks after the show and the drunken afterparty.

That I am writing at all is a miracle cos I think I have had it with Bangla songs, alponas, maniacal backstage chaos and fatigue! I have a secret plan to move to the Arctic reserves and fight against drilling for oil or something that will take me out of the next AK project.

Unfortunately I have no drive and no money and without Taps to feed my mind and soul (and stomach too!) I'd be starving anywhere else.

Five years ago I remember my first highway drive in the US in a beamer he claimed wasn't his, maybe at 3 am in the night. We listened to sad songs on the way and cried and exchanged lifestories, two strangers in the night.

Later at his studio, we sang our favorite songs, told our saddest stories and wept our happiest tears. And I wondered aloud why we can't leave our mundane lives behind and roam around the world and make music instead.

I was serious and I know the thought stayed with him.

So I wasn't surprized when our first AK show came into being - it was just one step closer to a bigger dream. And I don't think AKoTRo will be the end of it.

This is just the beginning.

- Auditi Guha,
on behalf of Amra Kojon


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