Wednesday, April 26, 2006

more audience feedback

Dear taps!!!! my thanks to you again for this most wonderful show; I really enjoyed it a lot -- that girl Jhilmil was so cool and her expressions are so cutre!! my god! Patrick enjoyed it a lot too; I enjoyed each and every song because I could relate to them and of course many of these I have heard before and hearing them with your wonderful instrument coordination was just out of this world; as for Patrick, he told me he really liked the songs where there was a rise and fall or cadence of beats like the Raag, Jhilmils' two songs, Atik's songs -- however for the slightly slower, mournful song! s, he could not tell the difference --- that was his feedback -- though overall, he was very happy to be able to come; I was also able to speak with another girl who is not from bangladesh but is heritagewise bengali -- so she said that although some of the songs were so wonderful and touched her, the fact that there were so many solos one after the other became a little monotonous -- I just wanted to tell you this as some people did find the continuous solos a little too lengthy. if it could be interspaced with maybe one dance piece betwen each solo segment -- thats just a commenty i heard and i wanted to share it with you.
But I think people who really love bengali songs appreciated each and every song
because they were all so rich in content and each performer is so talented;

- Farah Zaheer,
on behalf of Amra Kojon


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