Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Energy that comes from within

Quite a lot of feedback comes to us via personal emails, and its always a challenge to translate that into a blog entry. But I'll do my best. This is the email that Jhontu bhai wrote to us after the Jan 13th screening of the "Daam Diye Kinechhi Bangla" DVD. -naina

" It was a wonderful party. We really had good time. Food was delicious. Thanks for everything.

It was really unexpected and indeed was a surprise for me when you guys called me with a gift of appreciation. I felt hesitant and sort of uncomfortable at the moment.

The LP player looks really nice. Thanks again.

One thing, I disagree when Taposhda and Ahmed Bhai say repeatedly that your generation could not do anything (zero). I feel your generation are doing a lot of things in Bangladesh and abroad. You are doing something that a lot of other group in North America could not do. I have said it before and please keep doing it. Some will confess some will not what Amra Kojon is painting on us - who are plainly confused and know very little about Bangladesh. The beauty of Amra Kojon is that the energy comes from within.

Music diye possible manush ke bojhano, boktrita, seminar er tolerance ekhon anek kome gase......in bangladesh at least. [It is possible to reach out to people through music - our tolerance for speeches and seminars have been worn thin, at least in Bangladesh.] People are being deceived. Speech, seminars, meetings are seen to be a complete failure to create emotions in Bangladeshi's heart. I guess they are tired of hearing it too. Amra Kojon is an alternate source of power and it should continue producing the very best. Music is close to our heart, we understand it well.

As you said, "Let music be the conviction of our heart," this should be the slogan of Amra Kojon. We can not live comfortably and think of making social change at the same time! Amra Kojon must make its platform in North America first and make its massive appearance in Bangladesh. I may sound emotional, but I am damn serious. If we can think, we can also do it."

- Atiqul Alam (Jhontu)

[excerpted from an email sent by Jhontu bhai]


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