Monday, December 18, 2006

Owning Our Future performance

A performer's perspective:

The show was a unbelievable! All our efforts paid off because the
audience had tears in their eyes by the end of the show. The thing is
anyone can perform, but performing in a way that touches people and
brings out their emotion is much harder to do. I feel that thats
what is unique about AK. There was complete silence during our
performance which was an hour long. It was a continuous flow of
songs, dances, chorus, musical pieces, slide show and a skit in the
end. We recognized and paid respect to our history while conveying a
very strong message on what we must do to move forward, so we can
truly say that "amader desh ta ke amra shottekar orthey "sonar bangla"
hishebe shomman dite perechi".
It had a very dramatic and unexpected ending that no one suspected
which added a different dimension to the evening. Jodi dorshokder
moddhey ekjonero chokher pani jhorto, we would have felt that our
mission was successful, whereas we had everyone in tears. I was
looking at people's faces and from young to the old, all had such an
emotional expression that I simply cannot describe. Many ppl in the
audience could surly relate to 71, but there were many that didn't
know the history as well, or didn't even understand the language,
that were in tears. Amar shob friends ra were telling me how they
didn't have to understand anything, but they understood it all. From
beginning to the end, the show captivated the audience and I was
blessed to be a part of such an experience. No one would think that
we only had 6 rehearsals to showcase something of this nature. It was
short but extremely powerful. Taposh Da chara ei mission amra eibhabe
attempt or successful korte partam na. He brought out the emotion in
all of us which clearly showed during the performance. Lokjon je ki
shomman diyeche ta bole bujhate parbo na. Many said that they don't
even see of show of this magnitude in BD. Shottey, onekdin por
perform kore eibhabe ekta satisfaction pelam. This is what makes
everything worthwhile...


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