Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The fervor in the air....

There's an unexplainable charged up feeling in the air. A muted excitement, sort of bubbling under the surface. I can't really put my finger on it...

It all began with the project update email we've just received. The final update includes description of how our sponsor in London had to withdraw their financial support because of incapaciating financial losses they incurred in their business this quarter. As a result, we're now inviting performers to join our traveling troupe to London in Sept 2006 and pay for their own airfare/visa costs, while we try to arrange for a series of smaller scale sponsorships to defray the costs of accommodation, venue reservation, and local incidental expenses.

Instead of letting this setback get us down, it seems like all the performers and team members are responding back with enthusiasm and treating this roadblock more as a challenge we can all surmount together.

And then there's this charged feeling in the air, as AK members prepare to start rehearsals for the September show in London. There's energy, passion, and rescheduling social activities to make time and space for bangla gaan.

And I can't help being impressed and amazed all over again - at the spirit that's become the Amra Kojon concept.

-Naina Ahmad
on behalf of Amra Kojon


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