Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A new friend and a rediscovered friend

1. Got a frantic email from an administrator of our department on 7th noon: we desperately need someone to perform live instrumental music in the commencement reception hosted by the Civil Engr. Department on 9th noon.
Who else do I have to turn for help except AK ?!!
Thanks to Taposh-da's magic, Koyel agreed to perform in a days notice, made the long trip to Cambridge from RI in a weekday noon and we had a wonderful commencement reception.
And I got this opportunity to better know a wonderful person like Koyel.

2. As a kid of grade four I had known a sweet girl named Shaila ...later we attended the same high school for a short while. After long 10 years in the AK April show I discovered that 'AK Dina' and the Shaila I knew as a kid is the same person !! And we have been living in the same coast for the last 4 years !

Being a part of AK is such an amazing experience in so many different ways !

On behalf of AK


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