Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Amra Kojon receives a standing ovation in London

For the first time, a 1500-strong audience at the annual Bengali New Year celebration in Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London, gave a standing ovation to a chorus group from Boston, USA as they wound their way through the crowds singing "Ami Banglay Gaan Gai."

"This is a big deal. You put up a great show. You really touched the audience and this has never happened before at a Bengali show in London," said Shams, president of Bengali International that organized the annual event on May 6.

Amra Kojon was invited to perform at the show this year and presented a medley of folk songs from both Bengals in a performance titled "Gaaner Feriwala" (Musical Nomads) to a packed audience at the London show this weekend, 6 th May, 2007.

Many identified with popular favorites like "Leelabali", "Shajher Belaa" and "Kaandey Hason Raja" and even joined in the final chorus with tears in their eyes.

This was Amra Kojon's first international concert and a dream come true. A dream to sing and celebrate together and their first step to spread Bengali music around the globe.

Amra Kojon literally means "a few of us" in Bangla. A few years ago, a group of music lovers from both Bengals came together in celebration of their motherland and language, beyond the borders of religion, country, politics and local organizations.

The group come a long way since and are proud and honored with their latest venture. For more information, please visit


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