Thursday, February 01, 2007

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I was amazed to see your work in the website. As we fear being in the verge of losing our culture, "Amra Kojon" demonstrates its aspiration towards preserving and highlighting the Bangla culture by creating a solid ground for it for the New World. Your shows depict a true Bengali culture and tradition through an array of the Bengali songs, dances and outfits. I was impressed with the large collection of pictures provided in your website. I have every intention of viewing all the pictures that I have not had the chance see as yet. I intend to download the video clip as well. In the meantime, I have spoken of your group in my friend circle. Everyone should know of the magnitude of your work. What I liked the most about the work was the idea of uniting people by breaking down the barriers of race and religion. The founder of "chayanot", a well renowned and a legendary figure of the cultural world in Bangladesh, Mr. Wahidul Huq passed away. He played a significant role in the revolution towards Rabindra Sangeet. February 21st is right around the corner. I assume you are preparing your group to observe "Shaheed Dibosh" that is now also known as the Global Mother Language day. I will send two songs for you that were written by one of my friends. Although the songs were composed with tunes many years back, you are more than welcome to create your own tune for the songs. One of my relatives who lives in NY has taken lessons from Ustad Khurshid on setar, while his wife has a knack for reciting poetry. I am not sure if he manages to practice these days, but I know he still has the aptitude for it. Although you live far away from NY, you can contact them if you wish to do so. I can also give their mobile number to you. Many of our artists go unknown and lost in the midst of tussles of everyday life in America. Uniting them together through music would a goal to be attained. My warmest wishes for Amra Kojon.
Nurul Hoque

original version in bangla:


Apneder wave site duke obibuto holam apnader karmajagga deke.Je Bangla sangskriti ekane harie jete boshese apnara "Amra Kajon" nothun prithibite(NEW WORLD) take suddo babe protisthitho karesen.Sangite,Nritookolay,Poshake sholoana Bangaliana fute utese apnader onusthane.Apnader bishal Photo galleryte duke obibuto,jodio sompurnota dekhte parinai Tobe dekhar iccha ase.Apneder Vidiota down load karar iccha ase.Iti modde apnader katha amar bibinno bondumohole boleci.Apnader bapok karmakando somporke sobair jana ucit.Sobcheye balo laglo jati dormo nirbisese sokolke aponader dale ekatrito kara.Amader desher ekjon bikkhato ebong nibedito pran sanskritik bakthitho Chayanoter protisthath Ohidul Hoqoue mara gelen.Jatio Rabindra Sangith Andolone tini Puroda chilen.Samne Ekhushe February.Bhasha Shahid Dibosh Ja ekon Antorjatik Matri Basha Dibosh Hishebe sara biswe palito Hosche.Apnara nichoy tar jonnyo prostuti nicshen.Ami amar ek bandur leka duti gan apnader jonnyo pathabo.Jodio onekdin age etar sur dewa o gaoa hoyesilo tothapi apnader jodi balo lage ta hole apnader nijassha sure gaite paren.Amar ek atmio thaken NY te Ostad Khurshid kHaner kase Setar sikesilen tar strio balo abriti kare.Ami janina odd job kare se charcha ace kina,tobe ekebare harie jayni.Apnara jodio anek dure thake NY theke icce karle jogajog karthe pare.Chaile Mobile no dite parbo.Amerikar onek jaygay amder onek silpi harie jasche jibon jibikar sangrame,tader oikkoboddo kare kale lagate parle ekta birat kaj hobe.AMRA KOJON er sabaike ushna obinandan.

Nurul Hoque


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