Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One translated message from Bangladesh

please send us feedback as to whether you prefer to see a translated version, or whether you want to see the original version in Bangla only.

" Those of you living abroad exemplify the Bengali nation to the world, and your unflinching commitment to exalt our culture in certainly commendable. I hope that you will pass the torch on to the next generation of immigrant Bengalis to take up your stead.

One day white people ruled our country, whereas today, Bengalis have dispersed throughout the farthest corners of the globe. With their talent and diligence, they have created a Bengali nation that transcends geographic boundaries ā€“ a nation where all can rise above petty labels of caste, creed, and color, and cohabit in comity as humans.

Our nation's history is wrought with untold desolation and depredation. Many nations have come into our contact; we have assimilated them all, while never compromising our own identity. I fervently hope that wherever you live, you will convince people of the supremacy of our culture. As a patriot and a patron of Bengali culture, this is my fondest dream. To achieve that, however, we must attain a sizeable population at a given locale to constitute a voice loud enough to be heard. For example, generations of Sylhetis living in the U.K. have become a cultural force to be reckoned with.

Collectively, you can create a greater Bengali nation and an even larger cultural circumference, where all Bengalis are welcome regardless of national or religious labels. Of course, amity with the host nation and its people is a primary prerequisite to this.

Well, one cannot help sensing an unspoken bond with those striving for the actualization of a shared dream. I send my earnest wishes for the continued success of your organization. Long live the Bengali nation!"

Original message:

"na hoy ta hole apnar Bandu sombodan grohon karlam.Apnara jara bideshe asen tara Bangali jatir protibu hishebe Bangali Songskritir prosarer jonno je kaj karsen tara obosshoi nomossho.Apnader hat dore Bideshe bashobash kari natun projonmo bangali sangskritir bikashe egie jabe ei kamona karci.Ekdin sada camrar lokera amader desh dhakal karecilo.Ekhon probashi Bangalira tader meda o porisromdie Biswabapi sarie porbe ebong Bidesher matite buogolic sima batita ek bishal Bangali jati gosthir bikash gotave,jekhane sober poricoy hobe Bangali ebong manush.Dhormo borno nirbishese shobai paroshporik riddotar bondone aboddo thakbe.

Bangali jati gostir hajar bosorer itihase kebol dukko kosto o lanchona bonchona jutece.E deshe bohu jati gosti eshese,kintu sabai amader modde bilin hoye gieshe.Kamona kori apnara je deshe bas karben se desher manushke amder sangskritir srestotto dara joy karben .Bagali sanskritir ekjon onuragi hishebe e shopno ami deki.Tobe tar jonno obossoi jonogosti hishebe ekta nidristo oncole nijeder sonkha briddir maddome probab boloy toiri korte hobe,jemon siletira englande gostiboddo babe bas kare ekta saktite porinoto hoyese.Apnarao sobai ekta brehotor Bangali jono gosti toiri kare nijosso sangskritik porimondol gore tulte paren,jekhane desh dhormo nirbishese kebol Bangalirai thakbe.Tar jonno sei desher onno jonogosthir sathe Bondutto bojay rakhte hobe.Onek kotha likhe fellam,asole je sawpna deki se sawpner rupokerder kacer mone hoy.Dur theke apnader karjokromer safollo kamona korci.Joy houk Bangali sangskritir.

Subeschante Nurul Hoque"


At 7:02 AM, Anonymous Siddhartha said...

Ekdom aamar moner kotha likhechhen !


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