Tuesday, January 23, 2007

more comments from Bangladesh

some more comments (and they keep coming in!)

"ami shudhu eta bolte paari je I count myself lucky to have made friends with some of you at AK, and in the process getting to know a few people of great quality. Being a part of AK's performance team was an added bonus. ar shudhu tomaar katha ekbaar boltei hoy, erokom inspire koraar khamota aami khub kom loker modhye dekhechhi.

"You did forget to mention the contribution from one tiny AK performer (as always you do/have to), unpardonable omission in my opinion, but on behalf all audiences I would like to congratulate him, salute him with all our love respect and veneration. He came to us from another world, from beyond the star and void of space. We love what he does for us. He is our most favorite Mohitosh Talukder Taposh, aami jake "tupi khule obhibadon" janai sarakkon.

"It was quite enjoyable. I really appreciate your all efforts to present our historical heritage and culture. I salute you and your all group members.
Paul Biswas"

"I could not keep my eyes dry, if this does not touch some ones heart then nothing will, I sew tears on audiences eyes around me. Thank you for so powerful and excellent art that you did from bottom of your heart. One tiny little piece was missing, if you want to know I will tell you that story, I am one of the witness of that part of the history that no one includes or want to know about it."


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