Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Musical Marathon Torch bearers

My visit to the website of Amrakojon was an ecstatic joy I experienced after a long time. I sincerely apologise to Amrakojon specially its 'pranvomora' Mohitosh Taposh for not paying serious attention to their activities or visiting their website www.amrakojon.org.

As a matter of fact, I curse myself for being unresponsive to such an unbelievable musical expedition to conquer the world. Who can believe a group of 50 young Bangali students, scholars and professionals of Boston, getting together for a cultural show just like ordinary Bangalis everywhere in the world, will suddenly spring to their feet and set out on a Marathon to all directions of the world with the torch of Bangla music.

When I first heard about it, just like Hasina-Khaleda breed, I thought it was some kind of hoax for cheap popularity. Even the volcano of will, power and genius of 1971 could not convince us we the Bangalis are genuinely capable and talented people with proven records of unflinching faith in human dignity and universal human rights. What a pity we need to be reminded of our own genius by occasional wins in cricket, a Nobel prize or some military services rendered to the cause of world peace.

The generation that does not believe in Bangali genius must bow out. Thank you Amrakojon, Drishtipath, Porshi Mukto-Mona, Uttorshuri and others for rekindling our faith in us and remind us that weare the same people who said, long before America was discovered, 'Listen, Oh Ye Mankind! Man is the final truth and there is nothing beyond'.

My best wishes to Amrakojon for its global shows. I am truly impressed with the meticulous planning of this very complicated tour. I invite everyone to please visit thier site and join the spree.

Belal Beg


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