Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Celebrating Humanity

I am back at work today and have been telling everyone about my experiences in London. I can't thank everyone at Amra Kojon enough for believing that this Colombian could make music with the team.

I had a great time and learned a lot about Bengali culture, music, food, language, and more importantly I learned about myself.

I have come to realize that when examined closely, the Bengali culture celebrates more than the people born to it, it celebrates humanity.

Thank you for letting be part of it all! I am a better person because of you!

Please thank Sohini for the great job she did as our ambassador. She is an oak, strong and resistant!

We'll keep on talking!

- David Upegui, MA
on behalf of Amra Kojon


At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Sohini said...

Aww, thank YOU David! You are very much a part of our team. I think we all make one another better as people.


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