Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Our out-of-towners.

Last night, I was exchanging emails with a friend of mine, Shafaq Islam, who had been unable to come to the rehearsals this weekend. He has to travel from NYC to make it to the rehearsals, and we had to pick 3 weekends out of the 5 for him to come rehearse with us.

A brief excerpt from our exchange:

"Here's a few thoughts of my own. Ok, as I understand it, the spirit of Amra Kojon isn't to showcase the individual talent of a few accomplished musicians. Rather, it's more about the group, right? That's evident in the name itself -- "Amra Kojon." As Taposhda was quoted by India New England, AK was formed as "an ensemble of musicians who would set their individuality aside to blend their sounds together." AK is about celebrating the performers' "Bengali culture together and passing on traditions through music, not featuring stars," reported Auditi's Cambridge Chronicle.
At the same time, I feel AK strives to discover and support new talent, taina? Otherwise it would be just a handful of the same people all the time. Rather, AK makes an attempt to be dynamic, always trying out new, creative, some would say crazy, ideas. It is at heart a youthful organization, trying to have some fun, entertain its members and audiences, and accomplish a greater social (and Bangali) good at the same time. "

Just another little glimpse into what Amra Kojon family members are thinking - you know, in case you were wondering why someone would travel from out of state (NYC to Boston, then down to RI with a group of us from Boston) every weekend to come partake in the AK way of life. Because it's worth it.

Sujan bhai, Dina apu - this is also a tribute to you two, driving up to Providence from Albany every weekend to help put together this April 22 production. To share the AK experience with us. Add to that, Sohini from London - doesn't seem like geographical distance is going to keep *this* family apart!

on behalf of Amra Kojon.


At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Sohini said...

Right on, Naina. We wouldn't let little things like geographical distance get in our way! Boston, here I come.


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