Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Thorny Bed of Roses

The tragedy of AK...

.......Is that while Taposhda in his infinite wisdom and goodness manages all the politics single-handedly and has to be a friend to the annoying and the ugly (Hey, I have a huge theory on needing the world and its beings to be everything warm, friendly and beautiful or I dont want to have anything to do with it, thank you!), sometimes, unfortunately, so must we.

Snippet from a recent conversation between Amra Kojon 'Library' and one such Annoying Person.

L: Can you send me two paragraphs for the blog?
Annoying Person: Oh my god, I can't! I am so busy! I don't have timeto eat or sleep!
L: Two sentences?
AP: You have no idea how crazy my life at work is. I get up and go straight to the instead of my desk.... then I work constantly all day and then I come home and hardly spend any time with my kids and then I have to go to work again...(blah blah blah)
Me Interrupting: are talking to someone who doesn't sleep at all.
AP: (continues work rant...)
MI: She sleeps at 4 a.m.
AP: So do I....(work rant continues)
MI: EVERY DAY. She sleeps 4 hours so you fail.
AP: (Ok now definitely ranting, tone louder, pitch higher....more workrant - something about how the outsourcing to India didn't work and he fired a whole bunch of nitwits and now cant hire back that man power and has to do all their work...)
Nadia interjecting: sarcastic sympathetic "Oh"
MI: You still fail!
AP: (more work bordering on the incoherent)
MI: Still fail!
AP: (work rant continues - in a cartoon strip he would now start sweating profusely and try to strangle me but this is real life where I continue to smile sweetly and say things like "Zero" and Fail" with glee!)
Nadia and MI exchange eye rolls.
AP leaves room.

There are some people who clearly just don't get it. Sigh.

- Auditi Guha
on behalf of Amra Kojon


At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Naina said...

You know why I like this entry so much? Not because it's an honest and brave account of the real life behind Amra Kojon (which it is), and not because it adds a little spice to the blog entries (which it does).

I like this entry because it reflects EXACTLY what Amra Kojon is about - unity *despite* differences. It would be easy to work together with people you get along with well. But can you work well with people you don't share similar views with? Can you work with people who you know have totally different outlook on life, work ethics, ideologies, faith and anything else that might mean a lot to you?

At Amra Kojon we want to share our music and our language with everyone around us, and we want to have a fantastic time while we're at it. Working towards these goals, we are ready to set aside our difference in styles, approaches and beliefs to work together.

"Together" - putting the group before the individual - that's what sets us apart. That's why we have, time and again, achieved the impossible. And as long as we keep sharing our spirit of unity, togetherness and cooperation, despite our individual differenes, we will continue to realize Dreams.


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